Our Story

This is how it all started

Before the incorporation of Interactive Insurance Brokers, we conducted a simple market research to define the level of expectation of Clients and Insurance Companies and asked them both: “Tell us about the Insurance Brokerage Firm That You Would Like to do Business With!” Clients’ said:
We want the Broker to represent us and not the Insurance Company. The Broker should look after our interest.
We need to see the Broker more often during the year and not only on renewal.
We expect the policies to be well designed and to be reviewed regularly to avoid any unfavourable situations. Reasonably Priced Policies.
The Broker should follow up on our claims.
The Broker should update us with new Insurance-related issues in the Market e.g. new laws or new products and services.
We want to work with friendly, reliable, qualified, experienced, proactive, empowered and passionate TEAM. No misplaced or lost documentation.
Prompt action without delays.
We want to make sure that once premiums are paid to the Broker it is immediately remitted to the Insurance Company.

Insurance Companies said

The Broker should be licensed by the Ministry as Insurance Brokers.
We want to deal with a Technically Qualified Team holding Academic Insurance Accreditation. Professional, Empowered and Friendly Team.
Prompt premium payment, and not to use Insurance Companies’ premiums.
Forward the quotations to clients without any “unapproved changes.” Any change in the quotation has to be approved by the Insurance Company first.
Powerful IT, Accounting and Documentation System for easy reconciliation.
Service Oriented Broker, to offer a state-of-the-art Customer Service to keep customer satisfied. The Broker should be a Realistic negotiator.
Build a relationship between the client and the Insurer.
Avoid as much as possible moving the business to another Insurer.

The research defined the expectation level of the clients and the Insurance companies. The crucial question was: “If we offer what others do, what would be special about Interactive Insurance Brokers?”. The answer was; we should introduce a Company with culture, new flavour, something better and exciting to our customers.